On the Same Page was created based on the idea that the people in the continental United States aren’t familiar with the struggles of the Puerto Rican people. The goal was to make a film that informs the viewer of some of those struggles, starting with their colonial status.

The inspiration for this film came to our producer, Héctor “Gadget” Negrón, while he was serving in the United States National Guard. His life in the military opened his eyes to how some Americans view Puerto Rico and the lack of information as on his citizenship. Raising his daughter off the island and recent coverage of the events on the island (Hurricane Maria, Ricky Renuncia, Promesa, etc) motivated him to go on a journey to uncover the core of the controversy on the island. The film would not have been possible without his knowledge and passion for Puerto Rican politics.

His passion led him to get in contact with many influential politicians living inside and outside of Puerto Rico. The insight of Manuel Natal, José Aponte, Héctor Luis Acevedo, Bertica Morris, and Javier Gaspar proved to be invaluable to the creation of this documentary. It was an honor and a privilege to be able to work with such professional and passionate people.

Our director of photography, Puerto Rican born US Army Vet Jaaziel Ramos, managed to capture the beauty of everyday Puerto Rican life and I could not imagine this film without his knowledge and insight. Our editor, Greg DeDario, really set in stone my vision of this film through his dedication to his craft as an editor. Having worked with Greg before on many projects, his quick and effective editing took this project to the next level. His hard work on and off-screen has brought out the best of the film and that really shines through.

Finally, one more special thanks to our producer Hector Negron for all his hard work through every step of the process. This film would not exist without all of his hard work. Special thanks to Full Sail University for giving us the opportunity and freedom to take their gear to Puerto Rico for the filming of this project. We hope you enjoy the film!